CareMin650™ is a disruptive solution leveraging our innovative Lightex® technology to tackle the huge unmet clinical need of mucositis and dermatitis in cancer patients and reduce its societal, emotional and economic burden.

Lightex® technology

CareMin650 light source is based on safe light-emitting diode (LED)-technology and incorporates a touch screen display that guarantees a simple process understanding for doctors and end-user.

Benefits of CareMin650

 - Comfortable & painless

 - Safe, simple & accurate

 - Cost Effective

 - Prevention & treatment in one

Oral Pads - System for oral Mucocitis

Derma Pad - System for Dermatitis

Oral and Derma disposable sleeves

The Lightbox unit

Lightbox with ease of use touchscreen allows selection of dose and duration of session. In case of the use of oral pads, choice between one or two active pads can also be made.

Easy plug and play connection between lightbox and light pads.

Reference number: CM010


Choice can be made between Oral Pads and Derma Pads for specific case of oral mucositis or dermatitis. Treatment surface varies between 25 cm² (1 active pad) and 50 cm² (2 active pads) for Oral Pads. 

Reference number: CM201

Connector ensures light transmission between the lightbox and the light pad.

Lightbox unit connected to derma pad.
One side light emission for total treatment surface of 75 cm².

Reference number: CM301

Specific protection sleeves are to be used for both oral & derma pads.

These sleeves cover the light pads so it can be applied to the skin or the mucosa. This will improve comfort to patients and also ensure hygiene inter-patients.

Reference number: CM21150

Single use disposable oral sleeves for CM201 (x50)

Reference number: CM31150

Single use disposable derma sleeves for CM301 (x50)

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